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Textures for download free and for sale

Textures for 3D projects for download

Textures For Free

Archibase - Free textures archive. Great HQ Textures.

Forest Textures Library - Library of several hundred freely available textures, arranged by category.

PlanIT 3D - Free textures of masonry, wood, metal, vegetation, roads, fabric, carpet, floors, and wall deco. They also have models, tutorials, sound fx, ergonomics and architectural resources.

Renfield Imaging - Gallery of intriguing 3D seamless textures. All images free for download with new images added monthly. (popups)



Textures for sale

Hyperfocal Design - Developers of high-resolution 3d textures for computer graphics professionals.

Marlin Studios - Developers of seamless textures on CD.

Real Texture Library - A large library of photo-derived tile-able royalty-free textures for realistic simulators and games available for purchase.

Texture-2-go - Preview textures (low res) are free, You can purchase higher resolution character, nature, building and vehicle textures

Texture Workshop - Multifunctional toolbox that allows turning practically any picture into a repeatable tile very quickly and easily.

VB Exteriors Textures - Textures without visible repeats, suitable for large surfaces, several bump maps for different aging of materials.